March 4, 2013

Trucking Company Involved with I-65 Deaths had 17 Traffic Violations

As the story concerning the 6 deaths in an accident between Sonora, Kentucky and Glendale, Kentucky emerge, it has been found that Highway Star Inc., the trucking company involved in the accident, has a total of 17 traffic violations over last two years, suggesting the 'satifactory' rating given them by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may have been too generous.

Six people were killed after the tractor-trailer owned by the company hit the back of an SUV, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. Police reports say the driver of the truck was following too close to the vehicle when the accident happened.

Driving too close was among the infractions included in the traffic violations received by Highway Star Inc. drivers. Other infractions include improper lane change, speeding, and failure to wear a seat belt.

Kentucky State Police Master Trooper Norman Chaffins acknowledged the driver of the truck was following the SUV too closely, but at this time there have been no charges filed against the driver, Ibrahim Fetic.

Killed in the accident were 62-year-old James Gollnow and his wife, 62-year-old Barbara Gollnow; a 92-year-old friend Marion Champnise; 18-year-old Sarina Gollnow; and the couple's foster children 10-year-old Gabriel Zumig and 8-year-old Soledad Smith.

Several people were injured in an accident less than 20 minutes later, which included serious injuries
to country music singer Kellie Pickler's drummer Gregg Lohman.

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