March 23, 2013

E-town Doctor Faces 233 Years in Prison on Felony Charges

Elizabethtown OBGYN Dr. Cahn Vo is charged with felonies that could result in a sentence of 233 years in prison if convicted. He also faces over $3 million in fines if found guilty of the charges.

Vo owns Bluegrass Women’s Healthcare, and is charged with bringing non-FDA approved birth control into the country. Vo inserted the IUDs into his patients, which in some cases were ineffective and potentially dangerous.

Included in the 13 charges against Vo are the implantation of non-FDA approved birth control devices, bringing them into the country, and fraud.

One patient of Vo, 24-year-old Cara Gray, told whas11 this, “He’s messing with people’s lives . . . You shouldn’t be scared to go to the doctor and be afraid he’s going to put something in you that’s not going to work. You shouldn’t have that fear. You should feel safe when you go to the doctor.”

Gray had two IUDs implanted by Dr. Vo, both of which failed, resulting in pregnancies in both cases.

She said she chose IUDs because of the 99 percent success rate of the birth control option.

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