March 7, 2013

Kentucky's Auditor Blasts Gary Rye Over Financial Abuse

Auditor Adam Edelen blasted former Dayton Independent Schools superintendent Gary Rye for receiving almost $224,000 in unauthorized payments over and eight year period.

The examination of records took place after Rye retired and a new superintendent pointed out some of the activities Rye engaged in.

According to auditors, Rye would intimidate those who issued checks, as well as neglecting to tell the school board of receiving the money for himself.

Besides the money, Rye also reportedly used district credit cards to pay for personal expenses like gas. In some cases he even reported the same expense two or even three times to receive compensation for the non-existent costs. In those cases alone he received about $5,500.

The major reimbursements, which were not included in his contract, where $146,275 for his personal retirement and service credit purchases, as well as $47,429 for sick and leave days.

Edelen said the report has been referred to the Kentucky Department of Revenue and Kentucky State Committee for School District Audits, FBI, and Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System.

There will be an ongoing investigation by the district to see if there were more abuses by Rye.

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