February 27, 2013

Ashland Voters Approve Sunday Alcohol Sales

Voters in Ashland, Kentucky gave their approval to a proposal supported by restaurants in the city to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Two precincts in the city participated in the voting. Here's how the votes came in:

* Moore - 64 yes, 21 no

* Central - 95 yes, 29 no

To change the results, someone would have to request a county election, which would require approximately 4,000 signatures to go forward.

Boyd County Clerk Debbie Jones said it would be an enormous undertaking to secure that many signatures, as 4,000 represents about 25 percent of those voting in the last presidential election.

The vote was in reference to restaurants alone, but according to Ashland Mayor Chuck Charles, city Commissioners could include package stores as part of the yes vote.

Whether readers agree with the decision or not, it sounds a little fishy to have only two precincts vote, and then make it extremely difficult to challenge it on a county-wide basis. That and the mayor already hinting the places being able to sell liquor could be extended beyond restaurants, show this was all pre-planned before hand.

If there is a county election to challenge the vote, it could cost taxpayers as much as $80,000.

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