February 14, 2013

Kentucky Democrats Fleeing from Ashley Judd Senate Run

Kentucky Democrats are running for cover and experiencing a little bit of trembling fear as well, as extreme liberal actress Ashley Judd is still considering the possibility of making a run at the Senate seat held by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It's not that they believe McConnell is vulnerable against a candidate like Judd, as he isn't, but it's that Judd could cause Kentucky Democrats to be labeled and painted with the same brush as Judd, and that could cause a lot of their recent success in the state to be undone.

While the national media is backing the possibility, state Democrats know the probable and potential disaster Judd will be to them.

The overall problem is Judd has politically went to bed with Obama, and it would take a local and state election to the national level, meaning it would be Obama's policies against the conservative values of Kentucky residents. Judd wouldn't have a chance there, and as mentioned, could cause some serious damage to the Democratic Party in Kentucky if they are painted with the brush of Judds progressive politics and beliefs.

For now her trial balloon has frozen the rest of the Democratic field. Until she decides one way or another, it's unlikely another Democrat will throw their hat in the field to run against McConnell.

I find this odd because Judd isn't really that much of a threat. And even with her celebrity, which would work against her in Kentucky because everyone knows what a radical liberal she is, it's unlikely she'll gain much traction in the Commonwealth. That's because she's used her celebrity to get media attention which she won't be able to hide behind when her out-of-touch views are revealed for what they are.

What will be very interesting is how the outcome would reveal where Kentucky is at as far as it handling radical celebrities like Judd. In that sense it would be a learning experience for all, but possibly at the expense of setting the Democratic Party in the state reeling for years.

It can't be spoken any clearer than it already has: the Democrats don't want her running, and would prefer she stay in Tennessee look for acting jobs.

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