February 26, 2013

Kentucky State Workers: Pay More of Your Own Benefits

The lack of will by lawmakers to deal with the out-of-control benefits and pensions for Kentucky state workers shows a lack of leadership and ultimate in denial concerning the obvious thing that must be done to solve the problem.

How hard is it to follow what has wonderfully worked in Wisconsin when the bold Scott Walker made the government workers pay more for their own benefits. That's the only answer to the problem, and looking to gambling as the way to generate money to pay for the bloated government worker benefits is ridiculous.

The next scheme is to attempt to create new lottery games in order to generate approximately $25 million a year to pay for the pensions of workers the state can't afford.

Proposed legislation would also target Instant Racing machines for taxation, which would be for the sole purpose of paying the already too-high pensions of Kentucky state workers.

Some lawmakers think this would eventually raise about $100 million annually for government pensions.

What about paying their own way don't lawmakers in Kentucky understand? The pensions are unsustainably high, and so let the rest of the state workers and the retirees raise the amount they pay into it. Period.

Just because there would be some whining is irrelevant. Kentucky state pensions are promises that were made that can't be kept. Now if the state workers want those types of benefits, they are the ones that need to start paying for them; not the people of Kentucky in the private sector.

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