February 23, 2013

Two Somerset Brothers Die of Gunshot Wounds - Alcohol Suspected

In a somewhat mysterious and largely unexplained tragedy, two brothers from Somerset, Kentucky died, apparently the first accidently, and the second from turning the gun on himself when he realized he had killed his brother.

Kyle Thacker and Kody Thacker had evidently been drinking at a friends house on Slate Branch Spur in the Slate Branch community of Pulaski County.

The narrative says that Kyle Thacker, 24, had fallen asleep on a recliner when his brother Kody, 19, picked up a 12-gauge shotgun, which it appears accidentally went off and hit brother Kyle in the head, killing him instantly.

At that time, seeing he had shot his brother, Kody then shot himself in what was described as grief from the incident.

According to Lt. Detective Brett Whitaker, alcohol appears to have been involved in the deaths.

There will be no comment because of the tragedy, but there are definitely too many missing pieces for this to be the entire story. For example, how does a gun accidentally go off when someone picks it up? Why was it pointed right at the head of Kyle, etc.?

The impression is they may have been in a drunken stupor when the gun when off.

Either way it is a terrible tragedy, one that the entirety of the whole story will never be known or told. If it was an accident, which it appears at this time to be, maybe that's better for the family overall.

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