February 19, 2013

Kentucky Casino Legislation Won't Happen in 2013, Says Beshear

For proponents and opponents of licensing casinos in Kentucky, they'll have to wait another year, according to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, who said in a radio address Tuesday that thee will be no legislation to attempt to authorize the casinos in 2013.

If it was to happen this year, legislation would have had to have been introduced by last week. That time has passed, and so will have to wait until 2014 to see where it goes.

Beshear has said in the past that he will support a bill that would authorize up to seven casinos in Kentucky. The problem which has diminished support is the prospective bill wouldn't guarantee existing racetracks that they would be the recipients of the licenses, taking away the impetus behind supporting the casino bill.

The reasoning behind the casino bill is weak anyway, as it's looking to be the savior of the government pension plan, which needs to be adjusted so the beneficiaries of the pension should have to pay more into it on their own, while taking the burden off of the taxpayers.

Allowing casinos into the state in order to simply prop up the outrageous pensions public employees get is a waste of revenue.

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