February 28, 2013

Elizabethtown Infant Dead from Shaken Baby Syndrome

The father of an Elizabethtown infant is in jail after being accused of shaking his infant daughter, leading to injuries that eventually resulted in her death.

At this time charges against Barry Williams Jr. are for first degree assault. The case will be brought before a grand jury to decide whether or not Williams will be charged with murder. Police say the charges will likely be upgraded against Williams.

According to doctors at Kosair Children's Hospital, the infant, named Aleyah, who was 6-months-old, was experiencing severe bleeding of the brain, which is associated with shaken baby syndrome.

While she fought for her life her father was already in jail for the alleged crime.

Doctors have already stated that this is an obvious case of abuse.

The little girl struggled from the time of her birth, which, according some of her aunts, she was born at only two pounds.

When the mother, who is only 17-years-old, stopped by at Williams' home, she kissed the infant only to find she was unresponsive.
At that time the mother took the infant to her parent's house where they called emergency medical services.

Oddly enough, the aunts who say they loved the little girl, are now fighting to clear the name of Williams, who admitted to police he had dropped the child, and also kept changing his story when being questioned.

As of now the investigation is still open say the police. Williams had no prior record before this incident.

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