February 18, 2013

Jesus Asks Us for All

One of the greatest challenges all Christians face is in responding to Jesus Christ and His requirement that He wants all of us and our hearts. Nothing less will do for Him, and the Holy Spirit continues to press true believers with that, as He seeks the place of Lord in our lives.

In light of that, He calls us to one purpose, an eternal purpose existing within the Godhead from before the world was created. A purpose within His call for all of who we are to be devoted to Him to extend to other believers; resulting in a community of saints sharing life together in entwined lives on a daily basis.

It's an amazing experience for those willing to give their all to Christ in this way, as there is nothing like it on earth, and that's understandable since it originates in heaven.

Many people don't think of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a community, because we refer to the trio as God, focusing on the oneness they share together. That has obscured the family aspect of God, which has existed from eternity.

Christ has never gone off message, and the purpose of salvation isn't only to be saved from hell, but to bring us back into fellowship with Christ and one another, following in the footsteps of the organic life shared by the Godhead forever. In other words, the purpose from before time is still in place, and the Holy Spirit in the earth works fully towards that end.

This is why the ultimate end of the eternal purpose is for Christ to be all in all. That means a corporate experience where Christ is the center of our lives.

The story of Martha and Mary illustrates this perfectly. Martha complained about not being helped by Mary in serving, but Jesus replied by saying she was doing all that really mattered in life, and He wasn't going to take that away from her.

What was it? She was sitting with others centered around the person of Jesus Christ. According to the very words of Jesus, sharing life together based upon being centered in Christ is all that really matters in life, and we should embrace and seek those who are willing to forsake all to bring it into being in Christ.

There are those in Larue County who are committed to this. Contact us at geeb@hotmail.com if you're looking to fulfill the purpose of God in your lifetime in our local area.

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