February 21, 2013

Liberal, Fading New York Times Selling Boston Globe

For those that don't think liberalism is dying, all you have to do is look towards the liberal America's paper - the New York Times - to see that to be a fact.

The dying newspaper has sold the paper it owned in Florida, along with its share of the Boston Red Sox, and now it has put up the Boston Globe for sell, suggesting its prime time has now long passed, and only the slow, painful death of an increasingly irrelevant news outlet remains.

As usual, the Times attempted to cover up and confuse those reading the story, but it can't be hidden that in the end, they're desperate to unload the Boston Globe after failing to find a buyer in 2009. The only positive thing is the Times received concessions from the unions, but other than that, the Globe is as bad as the New York Times is; both in quality and economically.

In order to draw attention away from the terrible business and paper the Boston Globe is, the Times has for several years tried to make it look like the Globe was doing okay. It's obviously not.

What is all of this about? The New York Times is dying. The reason they're offloading assets is to extend its life as long as it can. That's creates the illusion everything is okay in Times land, when it is entering stage four cancer.

Why this is great for those who aren't liberals, is much of their political influence comes from their control of the local papers. The slow death of these large papers and their smaller counterparts is terrific news for those looking to end the evil of progressive, liberals, and when they lose this leg of their influence, we'll see a positive result for America.

One of the other legs they stand on is education, but that is being undermined as well, not only with home and private schools, but with the outrageous benefit packages that accompany the profession. We'll see all of that start to weaken as well.

Print media is dying in general, but the liberal papers in particular are struggling more than their counterparts. The days of media control is fading from the grasp of the arrogant and elite, and that will make America and other nations better in the long run. May it swiftly happen to the Times.

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