February 25, 2013

Kentucky Senate Says No to Federal Gun Control Laws

Kentucky is the latest state to pass a bill that forbids the enforcement of federal gun control laws, if they're actually passed.

By a vote of 34-3, the Kentucky Senate agreed the Commonwealth wouldn't take heed to the trashing of the Second Amendment.

The three voting against the bill were of course Democrats. From Louisville were Gerald Neal and Morgan McGarvey, and from Lexington was Kathy Stein. Remember them in the next election.

Sponsoring the bill was Berea Republican Sen. Jared Carpenter, who says the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution only applies to Congress when it is in operates within the powers afforded it. Restrictions on guns aren't deemed as within that authority, according to Carpenter, and he's of course right.

Included in the bill are semiautomatic firearms and magazines, and says federally required registration and restrictions on gun ownership aren't enforceable.

Per the bill, any federal orders, rules or regulations won't be attempted to be enforced in Kentucky.

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