February 16, 2013

Foreign Students Could Stay in Ky. Schools till 23 Years of Age

An irresponsible bill - House Bill 131 - has passed the Kentucky House, and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

The bill would allow foreign-born students and refugees to stay in school to the age of 23. I wonder what could go wrong with a 23-year-old male hanging around young girls the age of 15? The bill was passed by a vote of 71-26 on Thursday.

Another negative part of the bill is students who are disabled will be forced by Kentucky law to leave the school, while the foreign students can continue on. It makes little sense other than attempting to buy votes through outrageous laws catering especially to the Hispanic vote.

According to State Rep. Jody Richards, a Bowling Green Democrat who sponsored the bill, it will be a boost to those students who come into the country with little or weak education. Why doesn't Jody just say illegal immigrants will get privileges Americans don't get. After all, that's what this bill is all about, no matter what terms it's expressed in.

Can Kentucky Republicans be this dumb? The more benefits offered illegals the more of them will come into the state, which over time could result in the inconceivable - Kentucky turning into a liberal-dominated state.

Republicans need to quit catering to these obvious tactics and strongly resist all of the laws that allow for those to come in and have a negative effect on the values of the residents of the state.

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