February 21, 2013

Kentucky Woman Talks Guns and Protection

Guns are a big part of Kentucky life and culture, and along with using guns for hunting and recreational shooting, it's also the final protection against the threat of an intruder in the home.

Yahoo conducted some interviews recently with a focus on gun owners, and an unnamed Kentucky woman was among those chosen to express their views.
As a mother, I have a maternal instinct to keep my baby safe. I don't think that taking my families' guns away is helping the cause. As a gun owner, I believe it is important to be aware of guns, how to use guns, and the safety measures to owning a firearm. As a citizen, I question if our government is truly trying to keep us safe, if they are just looking in the wrong direction for a solution, or if there is something more sinister behind some of the gun laws.
My husband purchased a pistol several years ago. Shooting is a hobby for us, but it was also purchased for protection. Plan B, as I call it. Plan A is to lock my doors and mind my own business. If that fails, well, I have Plan B.

She goes on to say that all of the members of her family usually carry firearms on them, and they practice several times throughout the year to keep themselves sharp.

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