February 14, 2013

Kentucky Teen Gets 10 Years for Manslaughter of Baby

Katelyn Teague received a sentence of 10 years in McCracken Circuit Court after pleading guilty to a charge of second-degree manslaughter concerning the death of her baby. She originally had been charged with murder.

In 2012 Teague's baby was found in a closet in a plastic bag after she gave birth to it, leading to the charges.

Unfortunately, because Teague was 17 at the time she was charged with the crime, she is eligible for probation. At this time she has served 174 days of the sentence, and if is granted shock probation, could be free in 30 days.

Hopefully this doesn't happen, as a crime of this magnitude shouldn't just receive a slap on the wrist, even though we live in a culture that overall hates babies, as evidenced by the ongoing abortion holocaust.

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