February 18, 2013

Conservative Columnist Calls Out Courier-Journal on Liberal Bias, They Refuse to Print Article

Former conservative columnist John David Dyche from the ultra-liberal Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper, resigned after he wrote a column exposing the outrageous liberal bias permeating the weakening publication which the paper refused to publish.

The thin-skinned editorial page editor of the paper, Pam Platt, left this on a voicemail concerning the piece, according to The Daily Caller:
“Hi, John David, it’s Pam Platt at the Courier-Journal and I’m just calling to let you know that I’m not going to run your column tomorrow. To me it goes sort of off of what your column is supposed to be.”
 “My understanding is a conservative take on issues of the day and that’s not what this is. So, anyway, thanks a lot and I’ll talk to you soon.”

In a scathing part of the article which pointed to the poor treatment of Kentucky Republican Senators Paul and McConnell, Dyche wrote this:
“Journalistic jihads against Kentucky’s Republican U. S. Senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and crusades for gun control and higher taxes, are in full force and frequently fill almost the entire editorial and op-ed pages. Such one-sidedness neither works in the marketplace nor serves the public interest.”

Dyche also pointed to the hypocrisy of the Courier-Journal and its failure to meet openness and full disclosure it demands out of everyone else.
“Like the rest of the press, The Courier-Journal claims to play an exalted role in public affairs,” Dyche said. “But while righteously demanding absolute openness and full disclosure from every other entity and person involved in government, the press does not apply the same standard to itself. Change that by disclosing the party registration and voting choices of all editors and reporters.”

Finally, a terrific and accurate assessment of the newspaper industry was written by Dyche, where he rightly identifies one of the major reasons papers like the Courier-Journal are dying a slow death.
“Another such issue is the survival of old line newspapers in a changing media marketplace. Conservatives think there is liberal media bias and that old line newspapers would fare better in the marketplace if they made changes of the sort I propose. Indeed, your refusal to run this column vividly illustrates the very issues about which I write!”

Most of us in Kentucky eagerly await the day we celebrate the end of this old-school newspaper that refuses to cover stories and views of the vast majority of us living in Kentucky.

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