February 27, 2013

Kentucky Tea Party Says No to Ashley Judd, Racist Supporters

A racist attack on the wife of Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has liberal extremist Ashley Judd reeling and offering condemnations of a group that strongly supports her running against McConnell in the next election.

The very idea by mainstream media dinosaurs in Kentucky that the Kentucky Tea Party are becoming allies of a Judd run are not only ludicrous, but outright fabrications.

There is no such alliance, and as much as Mitch McConnell has resisted siding on some important issues of the Tea Party, he looks more like Ron Paul when compared with Ashley Judd, who stands for almost everything the people of Kentucky reject.

What people are missing is while the media have partially demonized McConnell on the national level, that is far from translating to the state level, where the clueless media have little understanding of the conservative and libertarian-leaning populace.

As much as there is a general dislike for McConnell, it isn't near the level of disgust at Ashley Judd, who is nothing more than a Hollywood liberal outsider attempting to use her celebrity to buy an election. That's of course assuming she decides to run, which it looks like there is a good chance of happening.

Democrats in the state are extremely nervous because of the fact they can easily be painted with the extremist liberal brand Judd represents, which could result in a number of them being ousted from their positions. Most have already strongly suggested that they don't want Judd to run.

As for the racist Progress Kentucky, there is nothing the Tea Party and what they represent have in common, other than attempting to use the national media-induced hatred of McConnell as a rallying point. The problem is if all they can come up with is a negative, they are completely useless, as it's not enough to go against someone, there must be a viable alternative. With Judd that's not even close to being a true alternative for Kentucky, and so it leaves them with a negative message, colored with such hatred (not opposition) to McConnell, that it'll even suggest his Asian wife is a stronger supporter of China (she is actually from Taiwan) than she is of America because of her racial background.

What Progressive Kentucky is attempting to do is provide what appears to be a legitimate Tea Party alternative to McConnell, such as Matt Bevin, knowing if somehow they can knock off McConnell, they'll then throw their full support behind Judd.

Even in that scenario Judd could be beaten, but the odds of becoming a Senator from Kentucky improves.

But the liberal, Democrat-backing Progressive Kentucky shows the type of person we would get in the Obama clone Ashley Judd. The Kentucky Tea Party and Republicans have no interest in the attempt to be taken over by dictators like them who couldn't legitimately represent our interests.

After all, look at the strong-arm tactics used by Democrats against Democrats to force Obamacare on us all.

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  1. Because Obama used such tactics with Cain, and Romney, lies and vile hypocrisy seem to be the DEMOCRAT modus operandi of the decade. Ashley Judd, a Tennessean who has been living in Scotland has no business running for Senate in Kentucky, however she needs to take her PAC and her Racism and go back to her nasty little nest and think about how HYPOCRITICAL her Party is!