February 21, 2013

Is Matthew Bevin a Ky. Tea Party Pretender?

Residents of Kentucky need to look hard at anyone laying claim to a Tea Party label, as many pretenders have emerged, which has undermined the vibrancy of the movement and resulted in watering down the message, as it has been blended with other elements not representative of what those of the Tea Party believe.

That's the way we must approach Louisville businessman Matthew Bevin, who is being touted as a Tea Party alternative to incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

The term Tea Party is being too loosely used at this time, and embracing the label does nothing to prove a person embraces the core beliefs of the movement.

We must realize the media in big cities in Kentucky are liberal, as they mostly are in all big cities of America. So when they anoint someone as a viable candidate representing the Tea Party, we must be resistant to the assertion and examine carefully the beliefs and character of the individual they're trying to foist on us.

For Bevin, he may or may not be a legitimate Tea Party candidate, but the liberal media outlets want so badly to rid Kentucky of McConnell, they'll do just about anything to disrupt the process and if they can, divide the Republican Party.

The Democrats are also attempting to do the same thing, disingenuously offering financial support for a Tea Party challenger to McConnell. Again, this is a way to attempt to divide the loyalties of the Republican Party so the terrible and ultra liberal Ashley Judd has a chance to become a Senator from Kentucky.

While I'm not a particular fan of Mitch McConnell, give me ten of him before an Ashley Judd, who would vote against and misrepresent the vast majority of Kentucky citizens. She's aggressively and unashamedly back Obama, and there is very little those of us in Kentucky agree with concerning the policies and ideology of this president. Judd is just as bad or worse.

In regard to Bevin, concerns have already been raised over his use of state funds in Connecticut to rebuild a factory he owned that burnt in a fire last year.

United Kentucky Tea Party’s John Kemper asked the question, “Would this business owner taking taxpayer money to rebuild his business after a fire be considered to support limited government, free-markets, fiscal responsibility? What happened to his business insurance coverage?” 

That's not to say Bevin's couldn't emerge as a strong candidate, just that we all must weigh whether he really embraces Tea Party and Kentucky values, or he's a Trojan Horse propped up to fall if he were to dislodge McConnell, but be trounced by an anti-Kentuckian liberal like Ashley Judd.

This doesn't just relate to Bevin, but to any potentially strong Tea Party candidate that emerges.

We need to hear a lot more than a label being attached to someone before we consider them someone who truly represents our values and beliefs.

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