February 19, 2013

Former Ky. Judge Accused of Fraud

A former Kentucky judge and attorney Eric C. Conn (appropriate name), were accused of defrauding the federal government of millions of dollars in relationship to the two manipulating the system so the judge at the time, David Daugherty, would be the one hearing the cases represented by Conn.

The alleged fraud was discovered when clients of Conn were awarded disability payments at a higher rate than other judges were awarding them. The discrepancy was noticed, which brought about an investigation.

For example when people appeal being turned down by the government over disability payments, 62 percent as a national average were awarded. Daugherty approved of 99.7 percent of all claims that were brought before him.

The judges in these cases, which are based in Huntington, W. Va., also hear disability cases from people living in the eastern part of Kentucky.

Suing the two are Jennifer L. Griffith and Sarah Carver, who claimed Daugherty would move the cases at a rate of 10 minutes each, while normal cases take from a half hour to an hour to reach a decision.

Griffith used to work for the Social Security Administration, while Carver continues to do so in West Virginia.

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