February 17, 2013

London, Ky. Hospital Sued by Hundreds of Patients

St. Joseph London hospital in Kentucky, along with 11 cardiologists, has been sued by hundreds of patients accusing them of using procedures that weren't necessary in order to make money off of them.

Almost 400 people are suing the hospital and cardiologists over the accusations.

Under particular scrutiny concerning the cardiologists is Dr. Sandesh "Sam" Patil, who is also under investigation by the U.S. attorney's office, the focus of a federal criminal health care fraud investigation.

In January 2013, the Kentucky Medical Licensure Board took a look at five patients of Patil, concluded Patil had provided poor care to four of the patients, saying three of them had stents placed in them that weren't needed.

An internal investigation of Patil by the consulting doctor for the board found that Patil was far too aggressive in invasive procedures. Nonetheless, the board of St. Joseph London hospital allowed him to continue practicing at the hospital.

Since December 2010 Patil hasn't practiced at St. Joseph's, and now works at the Appalachian Regional Healthcare in Whitesburg, Ky.


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