February 22, 2013

Kentucky Senate Bills Would Stop Governor from Implementing Obamacare

The highly unpopular Obamacare is receiving strong resistance from Republican members of the Kentucky Senate, as they introduced two bills which would keep Governor Steve Beshear from simply moving ahead with the process of implementing the controversial and expensive plan.

What one bill would do, Senate Bill 39, would be to remove the power from Beshear to give the go ahead to add approximately 400,000 more Kentucky residents to Medicaid under the terms of Obamacare. Instead, that authority would go to the General Assembly.

Senate Republican Leader Damon Thayer, of Georgetown, said that “this incredible growth of government we are seeing out of the current presidential administration in Washington, D.C., which this state — and the voters of this state — have rejected in two straight presidential elections in landslides.”

The other bill, SB 40, would transfer to the legislature the power to determine whether or not Kentucky should have a state-operated health care exchange.

Beshear has already declared the state will go ahead with the health care exchange, while he hasn't made a decision yet concerning expanding Medicaid in the Commonwealth.

The Senate passed both bills and they aer now headed to the House.

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