February 14, 2013

Keep Homosexuals Out of Boy Scouts


A Louisville, Kentucky homosexual is trying to pressure the Boy Scouts by using the media to twist the arm of the United Way so it'll denounce the Boy Scouts for its ban on gays in leadership and in being Scouts.

The United Way and others need to resist this because homosexuals don't belong in Boy Scouts because of their predatory behavior and evangelistic lifestyles.

As for funding, if the United Way wants to find itself losing millions in funding, let them denounce the Boy Scouts for their brave stand against the encroaching lifestyle which opposes everything the creator and Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, stands for.

Greg Bourke was rightly removed as a Scout leader once he confessed to being gay, as are all of those that refuse to repent and turn from their sinful lifestyle.

According to United Way executive Pete Hahn, funding decisions are left to United Way boards. The United Way needs to know that Kentuckians overwhelmingly oppose the homosexual lifestyle and would punish them financially if they denounce the Boy Scouts in any way.

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