February 18, 2013

In-Store Medical Clinics Will Soar in Kentucky

With the implementation of the terrible Obamacare or so-called Affordable Care Act, it is already producing huge problems across America, as doctors and facilities can't keep up with the millions of new patients entering the system.

That's true in Kentucky as well, where one of the answers appears to be the expansion of in-store clinics to treat some of the more benign illnesses or needs, such as vaccinations and colds, among others.

As opponents of Obamacare rightly asserted, even for those new patients with a primary physician it is hard to get an appointment because of soaring demand for services.

Beyond the limited services now offered, clinics are looking to expand care to high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.

Numerous insurance plans are accepted by the clinics, and prices for those using cash are listed in an obvious place for all to see.

In-store clinics will become an increasing big part of Kentucky health care. At this time patients visiting clinics like this across America have reached over 20 million.

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