February 13, 2013

Video of Rand Paul's Tea Party Response To The State of the Union Address

In this video Rand Paul again shows why he is one of the few politicians in America that understand the enormous dangers we face from out of control government spending and the consequences of a government that believes it has the right and authority to take the place of God Himself in our lives.

Government isn't our healer, and it shouldn't be our provider. To embrace those tenets is to give and make government something bigger than it is meant to be, and the result will be an increasing loss of freedoms and a gigantic totalitarian state that in fact begins to think it can operate and take the place of God.

Leaders may not say it, but their actions reveal it. This is one of the reasons there is endless spending and promises made, as the government is taking it upon itself to be the healer of the people, even though it has gone far past the point of no return in being able to afford it.

Here Rand Paul addresses those and other issues.


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