February 28, 2013

Kentucky House Panel Democrats Vote for Death Again

Democrats in Kentucky should hold their heads in shame as the Democrat-dominated House panel voted against requirements that women seeking abortions would have to to view an ultrasound, while another bill was rejected by the Democrats which would have required a face-to-face consultation with a doctor or medical representative before having an abortion.

When you look at the most vulnerable citizens of Kentucky, living babies in the womb of their mothers, and the fact that the Democratic Party of Kentucky refuses to allow women to receive more information to make such a life-ending decision, it's among the worst forms of child abuse; and worse that it's state-sanctioned child abuse and murder.

As Rep. Robert Benvenuti, R-Lexington, said, even if you're a proponent of abortion, the idea of not allowing women to receive the most accurate information available to them is ludicrous. He also notes that abortion is the only so-called medical procedure in Kentucky that doesn't involve informed consent.

Here's how the House Democrats voted against all attempts to limit abortion. They voted against House Bill 23, which would prohibit insurance plans on the health benefit exchange to pay for abortions. Also defeated was House Bill 251, which would require doctors who work in abortion clinics to have local hospital privileges and be board certified; House Bill 132, which would prohibit abortions if a fetal heart beat is detected; and House Bill 412, which would ban abortions earlier than 20 weeks, among other related issues.

Especially troubling is the Obama tactics being implemented by Kentucky Democrats concerning House Bill 23. Governor Beshear has stated that the health benefit exchange would not cover abortions. For these Democrats to vote for the exchange to pay for abortions is a revelation of their hatred of life and inability to be trusted. I wonder what Beshear will say about this?

It also gives a glimpse into the horror that is Ashley Judd, who makes many of these Democrats look like staunch conservatives.

Kentucky residents need to start voting the untrustworthy Democrats out until they start respecting life and the values of the majority of Kentucky residents.

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