February 19, 2013

Cairo Bridge Connecting Wickliffe, Ky. and Cairo, Ill. Receiving Study

Photo credit: wkms
A study on what to do - if anything - concerning the 76-year-old Cairo bridge which connects Wickliffe, Kentucky., and Cairo, Illinois., is being commenced to determine its condition and whether or not something needs to be done about it.

A news release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said there is a lot of commercial truck traffic on the bridge, and needs to be studied because its age suggests it is "functionally obsolete" by modern standards. The closest crossing is approximately two hours away.

Members of the Cabinet will perform traffic counts to confirm the estimated 5,400 vehicles crossing the bridge, as well as the condition of the bridge.

After the completion of the study, a determination will be made by the Cabinet as to whether or not the bridge should be repaired or removed for a new one to be made. The other option is if the bridge is considered structurally sound, nothing would be done.

You can probably see where this is already going. while it's a good thing to check the condition of bridges, it's almost a certainty that the decision has already been made to use the bridge to "create" jobs in the area.

The study is simply a tool that will be used to make it appear there was a serious step taken to be sure the money would need to be spent.

That's not to say there isn't a need to check the bridge. Because there is. All I'm saying is it's likely the decision has already been made, and why bother with the study if that's the case.

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