February 13, 2013

Kentucky Bill Approved for DNA Samples to be Taken for Felony Arrests

A bill allowing DNA samples to be taken from those arrested for a felony was approved by Kentucky House Judiciary Committee members, which would result in the samples being entered into a national DNA database.

This is significant because it goes beyond existing laws of allowing the collection of DNA upon being convicted of a felony. If a person convicted of a felony is acquitted of the charges, they are then allowed to make a request for their DNA to be removed from the records.

Also at issue is a case set to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning this very issue of collecting DNA upon arrest rather than conviction.

At this time 25 states have laws on the books allowing the collection of DNA from those that are arrested.

Testimony concerning House Bill 89 was received from Jayann Sepich, whose daughter Katie was murdered in New Mexico. She offered support for the bill in order that DNA could be used to help to identify rapists and murderers.

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