February 13, 2013

Networks Pretend Rand Paul, Tea Party Don't Exist

Mainstream media and even mainstream political parties like to pretend the Tea Party is a fad or trend that has already left the national scene, as evidenced by the refusal of major networks to air the response of popular Republican Senator Rand Paul to the State of the Union address by Barack Obama.

Even the Republican Party didn't embrace Paul, instead choosing to have Marco Rubio give the "official" rebuttal to the President.

Nonetheless, the Tea Party is vibrant and continues to live outside mainstream media, as it represents far more than politics, but a philosophy and way of life that will never go away for those people who desire freedom and far less government intrusion into their lives.

So whether or not the dying mainstream media outlets, or even the Republican Party want to admit it, the Tea Party remains a powerful and growing force in America, one that stands ready to step in as the United States collapses around us because of the refusal to rein in government spending and lower taxes so businesses and individuals can use their capital the best way they see fit.

For Kentucky, we have one of the best politicians in the country in Rand Paul, and he will continue to get a huge hearing from those desiring liberty and not tyranny.

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