February 22, 2013

Fort Knox Civilian Workers Get 20 Percent Pay Cut

Approximately 7,000 civilian workers at Fort Knox, Kentucky could have their pay cut by about 20 percent and furloughed a day each week for as many as 22 weeks. This will happen if sequestration occurs, where about 80,000 Federal civilian workers across America will experience being furloughed.

There is no doubt if this does happen that it will impact the region economically, as people will cut back on discretionary spending in response to the situation.

According to officials from the Defense Department, there will be a 30 days' notice given to employees before furloughs begin. The latter part of April is the time it is expected to begin, although that's not 100 percent sure.

The average wage of a civilian worker at Fort Knox is close to $53,000.

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