February 14, 2013

Christians and Community

When talking about Christian community, I'm talking about living a life in Christ together that transcends the usual going to a building, listening to what is called a sermon, going home, and believing you've pretty much did your part as a member of that particular church.

Instead I'm referring to a people whose entire life is Christ, and by extension, those they're fellowshipping with in the way the Bible reveals and describes it, are also a part of the everyday life of believers.

This isn't just an illusion or wishful thinking, as I've lived in this type of Christian community in more than one city in America, as have numerous others.

And to quickly clear up a misconception that could easily arise, when talking about Christian community, I'm not talking about communes or something of that nature. Rather I'm talking about a people who understand they are the people of Jesus Christ, and by His wooing Spirit, are drawn to one another through Christ to share life together on a daily basis; going far beyond the unbiblical idea of attending something, which doesn't exist anywhere in the scriptures.

Christ has called us to something greater than that, and in Larue County I believe He wants a people that respond to His call of real, daily fellowship to Himself, and to one another.

Some have already started to respond to the call. Why not join us? Email me at geeb@hotmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

You can also go to Acts29Review to get a more in-depth look at Christian community and a close walk with Christ.

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