February 20, 2013

Ashley Judd and Ky.s Only Religion Being Basketball

In what is sure to spark the ire of the many Christians residing in Kentucky, former Kentucky Democrat party chairman Jonathan Miller and Ashley Judd supporter said, "There is only one organized religion in this state, and it's Kentucky basketball. She's a very visible fan." Miller was referring to her living in Tennessee and her extreme liberalism.

He also bizarrely added that "...she is identified by Kentuckians as a native and solid Kentuckian." That may seem the case in Miller's confused and distorted extreme and cloistered liberal world he and Judd reside in, but no, most of those living in Kentucky don't think of Judd as being a real Kentuckian, as she has brazenly rejected the values of the vast majority of people living in the commonwealth while hiding away in Tennessee.

Judd is tied lock, stock, and barrel to Obama, and the idea that the policies of Barack Obama, which Judd wholly agrees with and backs, is representative of residents of Kentucky, is laughable at best, and an outright lie at worst.

There's a reason Barack Obama lost all but four counties in Kentucky in the last presidential election. It's also why Obama didn't even bother to campaign in the state: liberals aren't wanted or accepted here, and Ashley Judd is as liberal an anti-Kentucky values as they come. Nothing but lies and dishonesty could ever change that, because it's not a perception but an absolute reality.

Miller's assertion about the only organized religion practiced in Kentucky being basketball, points to the godless world view of people like him and Ashley Judd. It wasn't a slip of the tongue. Liberals like Judd and Miller actually believe these things.

To think he is painting Judd as a religious person because basketball is the god of Kentucky residents only shows how far out he and Judd are in discerning what the people of Kentucky stand for.

Kentuckians are going to drink the kool aid, and this is why the vast majority of Democrats in the state are distancing themselves from Judd, as they know they could be painted with the disastrous liberal label and world view Judd has, which could result in a route of the Kentucky Democrats in the next election.

The strategy to hide and obscure Judd's radical views is to try to run as a Washington outsider rather than the extremist she is. We in Kentucky see through it, and if she brazenly decides to run for the Senate, we'll make her and the other Democrats in the state pay for the affront to Kentucky and its people of the Christian faith.

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