February 28, 2013

Obsessive Ashley Judd Continues Pushing Herself on Kentucky Democrats

There's no doubt the majority of Kentucky Democrats wish that extreme liberal Ashley Judd will just shut up and stay in Tennessee where she lives, rather than continue to hound them about a run against Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

No other term describes Judd best, because she does not have deep community ties in Kentucky, outside of being born here, as a carpetbagger. To even run for office she would be required to re-establish a residence in the state.

Democrats in Kentucky are trying to run for cover as Judd forces herself upon the party, as they know if McConnell soundly defeats her, as he undoubtedly will if she runs for the Senate seat he holds, she could drag down any Democrat outside the safe confines of the few liberal strongholds that exist in Kentucky.

Only the Democrats living in these safe districts are willing to support a Judd run. The others know they will be painted with the politically extreme Judd, and could get hammered as a result.

It appears the reason no Democrat has risen to challenge McConnell is because they are apparently waiting for a Judd decision. To me this is a big mistake. Someone should step forward and steal her thunder and make a statement that they want her to remain in Tennessee, rather than come to Kentucky and destroy much of the gains the more conservative arm of the Democratic Party have made.

Democrats are stupidly starstruck, and if they base decisions on the reporting of the national mainstream news media, they'll be in for a shock when Kentuckians overwhelmingly vote for McConnell against this Hollywood liberal elitist.

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