February 15, 2013

King Beshear Going Big Government with Smoking Ban Push

Do it and do it quick says Sith Lord
Acting like his Democratic counterpart in the White House, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, called for a big government, statewide ban of smoking in public and private locations.

Also taking a page from the playbook of Obama, he is using Saul Alinsky tactics of trying to pressure it to be done quickly so people don't have time to think through the implications.

The truth is this has little or nothing to do with smoking, but is part of the continuing liberal, progressive, socialist strategy to turn government into something Jesus Himself didn't intend it to be.

What they do is take something like smoking that is bad for an individual, and wrap big government around in a manner that makes it look benevolent and protective to an approving, but clueless population.

A number of House Republicans rightly note that the state of Kentucky has no right to dictate smoking regulations on local jurisdictions.

That decision and authority, say the Republican lawmakers, should be left in the hands of county and city governments. They're right, and we need to understand what it is that is trying to be done in Kentucky.

King Bashear, like Obama, is attempting to ram laws and regulations down the throats of American citizens, and we in Kentucky need to stand up to him and those of his ilk.

Again, this isn't about smoking, but about government and power-hungry people like Steve Beshear increasing their power over the people in preparation for taking even more control in our lives.

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