February 20, 2013

Kentucky Inmate Faces 5 More Years for Obama Threats

Already incarcerated Kentucky inmate Anthony D. Holliman is now facing federal charges for threatening the life of President Obama, Mrs. Obama, and their children.

Holliman is charged with threatening them in letters to the President and Mrs. Obama separately.

A Louisville grand jury charged Holliman with threatening the president, and a second charge was filed for threatening Mrs. Obama.

It's unclear whether this will really result in more jail time for Holliman if he is convicted of the alleged crimes, as he's already serving decades in prison for other convictions, including rape.

He'll probably get convicted, but the additional five years he could get may not do anything to his sentence if he's already basically serving life in prison.

Holliman, who is 35-years-old, is currently serving a 35-year sentence.

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