February 22, 2013

Kentucky State Workers Should Pay More into Their Own Pensions

We keep on hearing how difficult it is to find funding from the pensions of state workers, but as Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin knows, all you have to do is have the workers themselves increase contributions and the problems is largely solved.

Kentucky lawmakers and Governor Steve Beshear don't have the courage to take the right steps, so they continue to flounder about to add some spare change to a situation that needs a full-blown adjustment.

For example, today we hear that a sales tax on lottery tickets will be used to pay down yearly retirement contributions.

As usual, Democrats like House Speaker Greg Stumbo, can only think of taxes as the way to solve things, rather than, as mentioned, state workers themselves being made to pay their fair share of their own benefits and pensions. There's your funding source, not the taxpayers of Kentucky.

Thankfully, Kentucky Republicans in the Senate are fighting against higher taxes.

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