February 1, 2013

Fairview School Board Under Suspicion of Tax Manipulation

The school board of Fairview school district in Kentucky are under suspicion for allegedly using robocalls to residents in the area, which a number of voters say are attempts to manipulate voters into accepting a proposed 3 percent sales tax on a number of services in the area.

For some unknown reason school board chairman John Burke wouldn't say one way or the other whether or not members of the school board initiated the calls, which according to some voters in the area of which recorded the calls, said appeared to originate from Atlanta, Ga.

Instead Burke attempted to dismiss the question. “We, as a board, are assessing the support for continuing operations of our school system through a 3 percent utilities tax,” Burke said.

A committee in the area is heading up an anti-tax campaign. One member of the committee, Joe Weis, said the poll isn't a poll at all, but is an attempt to sway the opinion of voters.

“Under the guise of taking a poll, they are saying things like ‘are you aware that if the utility tax is not passed, your child may have to be driven long distances to other county schools.’” 

This is the third attempt by the school board to force this on area residents. The prior two were rejected.

What it entails would a 3 percent tax on electric, gas, water, sewer, cable and electric bills. Imagine how much that would add to the monthly bills of residents if enacted.

Opponents are working to collect enough signatures for a special election which would be used to eliminate the tax. They already succeeded, but the school board sued them over a language technicality in the petition, and so the petition must be circulated a second time to ensure more than enough signatures to eliminate the hefty tax.

The proposed use of the funds would be to build an new middle-school wing and major restoration of the high school.

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