February 13, 2013

Hodgenville Teens Charged with Marijuana Trafficking

After a complaint coming from a Hodgenville school concerning four teens trafficking in marijuana, an investigation ensued whereby it was discovered the students, ages 13-16, were using a social media account to sell the illegal substance.

Involved in the alleged actions were three boys and one girl. The students were using a laptop provided by the school and a cell phone where a Facebook account was used to make the deals, according to Hodgenville Police Chief Steve Johnson.

Even so, it hasn't been proven that the school laptops were used to access FaceBook, according to LaRue County Schools Superintendent, Sam Sanders.

The teen alleged to have used the school laptop has been placed at the Alternative School.

As for the drug transactions themselves, they were done off of school property, according to officials.

Since there is no proof at this time the students were selling drugs on school property, it is likely they won't be suspended.

The first court appearance for the four will near the latter part of February.

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