February 7, 2013

Kentucky Dog with Human Face Gets Reprieve

It appears Tonik, the now-famous poodle/Shih Tzu cross will be spared his fate from a shelter in Kentucky, where he was scheduled to be put down.

After seeing his unique resemblance to a human face, the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group in Mishawaka, Indiana decided to takes steps to save Tonik and find him a home.

Petfinder.com says this in advertising for a home for Tonik:
He is great with other dogs. He is not dangerous, but should not be placed with young children because he will get too overwhelmed.
He will need a home with lots of patience & good energy.

The wildly recognizable dog is micro-chipped and has been examined and declared totally healthy. The adoption fee for Tonik is $250.

While this is a nice gesture, I think it would be just too weird to have a dog looking like that gazing at me day-to-day.

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