February 1, 2013

Kentucky Hit by Near-Blizzard Conditions

Some schools in Kentucky were closed as near-blizzard conditions hit the Bluegrass state, with temperatures dropping into the single digits in many areas.

Larue County was spared some of the worst of the snow accumulation, which hit some areas with several inches of snow.

Wind chills earlier in the morning made if feel like from -5 to -10, moving up a little as the weather warmed slightly to a little above zero. The high today for Larue County is about 27°F, but it's unlikely to reach even that.

After a rough night of higher winds, it has calmed down some, now coming in from the West at about 10 mph.

Kentucky Utilities reported about 400 customers in the Lexington area alone were without power.

Motorists are urged to use caution because some roads are freezing up even after they've been cleared. That's especially true in the Louisville area. Keeping more braking distance is the best practice under these conditions if you have to travel.

The rest of Friday should be okay, but Saturday we could get more snow in Larue County, with other areas of the state getting even more.

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