February 5, 2013

Kentucky Pension Issue Easy to Solve


Most of the politicians in Kentucky are acting as if the pension system in Kentucky is difficult to solve. It's not. All that needs to be done is have the government pensioners pay more into their own fund. Problem solved.

Some will say this is naive, but it isn't. Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin has already shown the way. All that happened there, contrary to media and union lies, was he made them pay their fair share into their own pensions. What's so controversial about that? Nothing. It should have been happening all along.

Government workers are paid notorious benefits, far beyond what the free and private sector offers, which is why the pension is in the condition it's in.

Many Kentucky Democrats, as usual, only can think of terms of raising taxes to pay for these outrageous pension liabilities, rather than do the right thing, which is to make the beneficiaries of the pensions pay more into them.

Calling it tax reform, all that will be presented is a tax raise. We don't need anymore taxes, we need more responsibility for overpaid government workers and retirees to pay more into their retirement accounts.

This is why Europe has come under enormous economic pressure, as the many countries there have offered government workers unsustainable benefit packages the the private sector can't afford to pay for. And why should they?

We that work for a living outside of government have no mandate from God or anyone else to pay this types of benefits to very unproductive government workers who drain our finances to the detriment of our own children and families. It's time for government workers to pay more of their own way, not the rest of us.

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