February 12, 2013

Obama's State of the Union Speech a Disaster

In one of the weakest and disastrous SOTU addresses in recent history, Barack Obama bizarrely and irresponsibly stated that cuts to government spending for domestic and military purposes would be a "really bad idea."

Huh? A bad idea? The most important issue facing the United States at this time is to cut back on government spending across the board. Out of control spending and promises by the U.S. government has brought America to the brink of economic ruin, and the idea of dealing with it being called "bad" by Obama only points to his no longer being able to discern reality. He's living in a make believe world that doesn't exist. Wonderland looks more real than statements like he made about spending.

Also strange was Obama's disconnect concerning the ongoing murder of living children in the womb, while calling children killed by deranged killers "our most precious resource." If that's the case, then why isn't Obama 100 percent behind the repeal of Roe Vs. Wade and working to eliminate the financing of death organizations like Planned Parenthood? It's not okay for a few children to be killed, but it is okay to have thousands killed in America annually?

Every stupid and meaningless fake issue was raised by Obama, such as the fictitious global warming lie, so-called clean energy, raising the minimum wage, and gun control, among a number of others.

In other words, he blabbed about nothing of substance, simply reiterating talking points to make his base feel good.

Kentucky voters need to remember this next election when the Democrats try to distance themselves from this renegade president who is being propped up by his party.

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