February 11, 2013

Russian Bottling Company Investing Over $4 Million in Covington Business

Covington is experiencing a little of what it means "from Russia with love," as a Russian bottling and labeling company has agreed to invest about $4.5 million to ready a factory in order to provide labeling and design for alcohol bottles.

The bourbon industry in Kentucky was the main impetus for the company decision to locate in Covington.

"There are several processes, all automated. The clear bottles come to our plant and go through processes. some require a coating of certain colors, or hot stamping or any kind of labeling, mostly paperless labeling will be applied on the bottles, and then the bottles will go to the bottling facility and will be filled with whatever drink will be in it," said Sam Popianski from Westpack.

Westpack, the Russian company, will offer residents of Covington the first opportunity for the new jobs created from the endeavor. Approximately 63 jobs are expected to be produced by the company in the area.

About $1.5 million in tax incentives were offered Westpack in return for coming to Kentucky.

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