February 11, 2013

Kentucky Gun Sales Soar on Uncertainty

Uncertainty as to what may be attempted to put in place in regard to restrictions on guns has resulted in a surge in gun sales in Kentucky, which already is the top state in the nation in background checks concerning those wanting to buy a gun.

Some gun dealers around the state, and the nation for that matter, have stated that Barack Obama has been the best marketer of guns, as his comments and rhetoric have generated huge guns sales across the state and nation.

Many gun dealers say it's extremely difficult to find a new gun at this time because demand has resulted in wholesalers selling out, causing shortages at the retail level.

Consequently, the price of guns in Kentucky and other states have went up in price as well because of the difficulty in obtaining one.

Some gun buyers have found an outlet in police auctions, where by state law guns confiscated from criminals must be offered for sale to the general public.

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