February 13, 2013

Kentucky May Take Over School Management as Early as August

Terry Holliday
After failing to meet standards presented to them, Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) may come under the direct management of the state of Kentucky as early as August if things don't improve.

Since there is nothing to suggest that will happen, it appears the state will in fact take on that responsibility.

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday is the impetus behind the push, but he does make some faulty and dangerous comments, when he said last week concerning the situation that there should be not only “not just equity of opportunity,” but that there is an “equity of learning outcomes for all children.”

That's a bizarre statement because no one can guarantee equal outcomes in any field of endeavor. The idea that someone or some people aren't going to do better than others is ludicrous and defies observable and measurable reality.

The idea is there should be improvement, not some artificial construct which goes from practical work and better results to the idea of it being some socialist result of equal results for everyone. History has proven it's impossible, and not even a desirable goal.

Improvement? Yes. Equal results? No. If that was legitimate, it would be like forcing a basketball program to have no winners so everyone would feel good that no one was doing better than they were. It makes no sense whatsoever.

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