February 13, 2013

Kentucky Senate Passes "Safety Drill" Bill

An odd bill was passed by the Kentucky Senate dubbed Senate Bill 8, which requires schools in the state to have safety drill two times a year where the classes will take place in classrooms that are locked. Doors into the school will also be required to be locked during the drills.

The bill, which was passed by a 37-0 vote, will be sent to the House for approval. For some reason a similar bill was filed in the House, even though the one that passed is already on its way.

According to Sen. Mike Wilson, R-Bowling Green, the bill that passed in the Senate is based upon recommendations coming from the Kentucky Center for School Safety.“School safety, security, involves so much more than just locking the school down,” he said.

Schools will also be required to put emergency response plans in place and update them on an annual basis. One part of the plan that must be performed is to have only a single access point to a school with secondary exits for backup safety.

All of this is fine, although largely irrelevant. It's just a show bill so politicians are seen to be doing something about school safety.

The best and only real deterrent is to have some administrators and teachers trained and armed so they can quickly and efficiently end any threat to the students or their colleagues.

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